『My Launcher』is the home application that can collectively change the design of the full screen of Android devices. Course design changes, such as the home screen icons and a convenient clock and search widgets customize a set!
My Launcher Features
『My Launcher』 If you download the theme, live wallpaper is also available for free download!
The customizable set of course design changes, such as home screen and icons, and a convenient clock and search widget!
Placement is possible to dock space at the bottom of the screen the function to use well. Can be set of 15 app maximum. Storing power UP further in combination with folder!
Screen preview function implementation that displays the status of the HOME screen from drawer screen! Icon placement into troublesome HOME screen or can be easily arranged from the screen preview! The app bulk cleanup sort various functions!
Can be set folder freely in any category! Screen is clearly organized in folders full of people in the app
So you can organize your event in peace also to the Android beginner in the how to use guide book that easy-to-understand!
Pop-up of simple design outstanding operability easier to tap big!
Allows direct operation and theme and design changes in the pop-up application from the HOME screen!
Organize vast app is perfect because I can change the design of the folder in addition to the rich icon change more than more than 40 kinds!
『My Launcher』 to be available to our customers more comfortable, we will update and additional features one after another is! Update information in the future also check required!


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